Oregon Sees Year’s First Unhealthy Air Day, As Research Tracks Dramatic Rise In Wildfire Smoke (Latest News)

According to new data, recent years have seen an increase in the number of acres burned by wildfires in Oregon, which has resulted in lengthier periods of poor air quality throughout the state.

According to a study by Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality, which runs air-monitoring stations all over the state, cities in the central and southern parts of the state

It came close to or even broke records in 2021 for the number of smoky days deemed "unhealthy for sensitive groups," including the elderly, pregnant women, young children, and those with lung or respiratory conditions.

For instance, last year, Klamath Falls tied its 2018 record with 38 days in the unhealthy area. According to the report, Klamath Falls has experienced an increase in the number of harmful smoking days over the previous six years

Jacksonville and Malin are the only cities in Oregon that now fall under the unhealthy category due to smoke from the McKinney fire burning in Northern California.

We haven't had any unhealthy days in central Oregon yet, but this past weekend was the first one there.

According to Gleim, as the fire season continues, the influence of smoke across the state will ultimately depend on the flames' size, location, and prevailing winds.