Oregon Residents Help Officials Arrest Man Accused Of Starting Wildfires (Latest News)

Three locals saw a man roaming along a road in rural Oregon on Monday and, after a tussle, roped him to a tree until law enforcement officers came, according to the authorities.

The man was wanted on suspicion of starting two wildfires.

Trennon Smith, 30, of Veneta, Oregon, was allegedly seen by a witness at around 2:00 p.m. starting two flames near the Rogue River Ranch in southwest Oregon while strolling down a gravel road.

The fires, which had consumed less than an acre, were promptly confined and put out, according to the Curry County Sheriff's Office.

Several organizations looked for him that afternoon after the authorities obtained a description of the individual who started the fires from witnesses.

the three Curry County residents were the ones who discovered him by a road close to the fires, according to a statement from Curry County Sheriff John Ward.

Prior to the heat wave, Multnomah County, Oregon, and the city of Portland declared states of emergency and announced plans to open cooling centers.