No charges for 'Late Show' crew arrested on Capitol Hill'. (Latest Quick News)

A federal prosecutor has ruled that nine employees affiliated with CBS' "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" will not face criminal prosecution.

U.S. Attorney's Office in Washington, DC, has decided to drop the misdemeanor charges against the nine people arrested on June 16 in the Longworth House Office Building.

It was not possible a conviction could be obtained and continue because the nine people arrested were permitted into the building and their bodyguards never ordered them to leave, said a spokesperson of the U.S attorney.

Group invited by congressional workers, according to prosecutors, and never asked to leave by those staffers. It was reported that police had informed certain members of the nine-person group that they should have an escort when they were detained.

An attorney's spokesperson for the US attorney's office said the Office would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these guests were guilty of unauthorized entry because their escort chose to leave them alone.

"We don't think the Office will be able to achieve and sustain convictions on these counts," the office said.