Manny Abarca Poised To Be Jackson County's First Hispanic Legislator In Almost A Decade (Latest News)

For Jackson County's 1st District, which includes Kansas City's downtown and some of its most diverse areas, Manny Abarca easily prevailed in the Democratic primary.

Abarca will be the first Hispanic elected to the county legislature in nearly ten years if he prevails in the primary election in November.

"Our win is one of unity and to ensure that we concentrate on a new and restored county that people can trust and believe in," adds Abarca.

"I was grateful when the data finally came in because it was evident," says Abarca. "I was very proud of our team and the effort everyone put in to help me win the election, as well as those who gave me financial or voting support. I feel pretty competent and confident that I am prepared to start working

Abarca recognizes the significance of his candidacy to the Latino community in Kansas City as a fourth-generation Mexican-American whose great grandparents moved to the city.

They have a chance to sit at the table and a voice, according to Abarca. "And we've already had discussions with people about possible futures for the area.

Although the victory of Abarca did not surprise Gerling, the size of the margins did. Only 13% of the vote went to Gerling.