Man Charged In Alleged Early Morning Attempted Abduction Of Hillsboro Woman (Latest News)

The man who is suspected of trying to kidnap a lady while threatening her with a gun and holding her at gunpoint in a Hillsboro sub shop early on Sunday morning has now been charged in Traill County Court.

Mark Weibye, 62 years old and a resident of Hillsboro, is accused of committing three felonies in connection with the incident. These offenses include attempted kidnapping, felonious restraint, and menacing.

On July 24, just after 7 a.m., deputies from Traill County were dispatched to a Subway restaurant that is located just east of Interstate 29.

"He brought a revolver out, and as I cowered back on the ground in the fetal position, I pleaded with him, "Don't shoot me!" On Monday, the victim in the case, Jackie Halvorson, spoke to Valley News Live about her experience.

Halvorson shared his thoughts by saying, "I didn't want to be shot, and I didn't want to be thrown in that vehicle." "I have no idea what just took place. I just went berserk.

Weibye was transported to a hospital in Fargo for mental health assessments shortly after being apprehended, as claimed by the officials of Traill County, who also stated that Weibye was "already under the supervision of a doctor."

Charles Stock, the prosecutor in charge of the case, was not present in the office on Thursday to respond to concerns regarding the location of Weibye. There is currently an active warrant for Weibye's arrest.