Jackson County Female Sheriff Janis Mangum Won't Run In 2023 (Latest News)

When Janis Mangum, the sheriff of Jackson County, picked up the phone on Wednesday morning, she confirmed the information provided concerning her future.

“December 31, 2024, will be my last day,” she quickly said.

Mangum, a seasoned law enforcement officer who has held the position of sheriff since her election in 2012, announced she won't seek reelection the following year.

"I've worked in this industry for more than half of my life. I'm happy with the choice I made and feel at peace with it. I'll miss it, though," she added.

Mangum started out her career as a dispatcher and will have worked in law enforcement for a total of 39 years when she retires.

“I just think sometimes you just know when it’s time to move on,” she said.

"I worked a lot and was proud of my job. She claimed, "I never wanted to do anything that would make Sheriff Evans seem bad or tarnish my badge.