Instacart Now Accepting Oregon Snap: Official Announcement (Latest Big News)

Instacart, a startup that allows customers to order groceries online, has announced that it would begin accepting payments made using the Electronic Benefits Transfer and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (EBT SNAP) in ten additional states, one of which is Oregon.

the SNAP interface is already accessible at approximately 30 percent of the state's Safeway stores and 80 of the state's 122 Albertsons sites.

According to the spokesperson for the program, "although we are providing EBT SNAP acceptance today in conjunction with Albertsons Companies

Additional banners are anticipated to be launched on the Instacart app later this year.

The announcement made by Instacart is a part of a two-year-long endeavor by the platform to expand its payment system to incorporate SNAP.

This comes after the United States Department of Agriculture 2019 launched the federal SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot. The program made it possible for 47 states

Although it was the first online grocer to do so, Instacart is not the first online grocery store to accept payments through the federal food assistance program.