This plan might help towns that have long been cut out of the fast-growing market for renewable electricity to reduce their utility rates,

After attempts to enact hundreds of billions of dollars worth of renewable energy subsidies fell in the Senate, President Joe Biden

The concept would link low-income homes enrolled in a federal energy assistance program with community solar project developers that offer subscriptions

According to the agency official, the Biden administration has lofty goals for the program anticipating that it might lead to the creation of 134 gigawatts of new solar power

The Department of Energy (DOE) anticipated that participants in the initial pilot project states and the District of Columbia will save more than $1 billion on their annual energy

Under anonymity, a government official said, "For many reasons, certain elements of our society are unable to engage in the benefits of solar energy and the possible savings

The announcement comes at a time when customers in the United States and throughout the world are grappling with soaring energy costs due in large part

To reach Biden's climate goals, including a net-zero power grid by 2035, an increase in community solar is likely necessary.