As the investigation into the attempt to prevent Joe Biden from assuming office following his election victory continues, the Justice Department has no qualms

Mr. Garland stated that prosecutors would not take into account the possibility of widespread social upheaval if they indicted Donald Trump for trying to prevent Joe Biden

"We seek justice without fear or favor," the attorney general told NBC's, Lester Holt. To paraphrase, "We plan to hold everyone, anyone who was criminally liable

In his comments, the attorney general did not deviate much from the few he has made before about the Justice Department's response to the January 6 events.

The significance of Mr. Garland's claim that the investigation is focused on the "effort to interfere with the lawful transition of power"

That leaves the DOJ wide open to target either Mr. Trump's personal attempts to persuade his followers to congregate in Washington, DC on January 6 or, the efforts of Donald Trump

Aside from announcing charges for individual participants of the riot, the Justice Department under Mr. Garland has given little indication as to whether any members of Donald Trump's campaign,

Mr. Garland's limited public comments, the criticism of Democratic members of Congress, and the occasional news item have provided .