During this time of heightened tension between the self-governing island and China, national security officials are secretly trying to convince House Speaker Nancy

According to those in the know, Speaker Pelosi aims to invite both Democrats and Republicans on this trip, which will take place in the coming weeks

As Beijing has ramped up its rhetoric and aggressive actions toward the island in recent months, including sending warplanes into Taiwan's self-declared air defense

Concern has been voiced by US officials that these actions are merely the beginning of a series of increasingly harsh ones China

During the conflict in Ukraine, Biden and other top officials have been watching with apprehension to see if China has learned anything from the West's response to Russia's aggressiveness.

Tensions in the region have been exacerbated by reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping, with whom Biden hopes to speak this week, is preparing the groundwork for a historic

While administration officials are concerned about Pelosi's safety, they are equally concerned about China's reaction to such a high-profile visit.

This is the context in which Pelosi has proposed a congressional delegation visit to Taiwan, a trip she has thus far neglected to acknowledge publicly.