Hillsboro Woman Speaks Out After Escaping From Man Holding Her At Gunpoint (Latest News)

She's hoping to inspire others by telling the story of how she managed to flee from a man police claim held her at gunpoint and attempted to kidnap her.

A little after 7 in the morning on Sunday, July 24, it happened at the Subway east of I-29.

Her three children and six grandchildren would be gone if the man holding a gun to her head had his way. Her entire life flashed before her eyes in an instant.

Generally speaking, Halvorson's Sundays are a day of rest and productivity. The day before Halvorson's sub shop closes for the week, she gets up extra early to finish off any last-minute tasks.

Halvorson says it was odd to see someone driving so early on Sunday morning, especially since the man in the white truck continued circling her neighborhood and restaurant.

β€œBut we’re in a little town. A lot of old folks like to cruise around on a nice, quiet morning so I didn’t think a whole lot of it,” Halvorson said.

Halvorson tells me, but she subsequently discovers that the man was concealing a revolver in his palm by holding a huge coat in front of her while mumbling something.