Hillsboro Settles Lawsuit Alleging Racial Bias For $90K (Latest News)

Hillsboro Settles Lawsuit Alleging Racial Bias For $90K (Latest News)

Officials in Hillsboro have settled with a woman who filed a complaint against the city's police force in 2020 alleging racial discrimination.

Hillsboro decided to pay Jean Coppedge $90,000 after a judge generally concurred with the petitioner in order to prevent more legal actions in federal court

she asked her neighbours to stop their dog from urinating on her property, they verbally and physically harassed and assaulted her. She claimed that they called her a racist abuse and tossed her cane into the street.

Coppedge states that when Officer James Schoeffler and Sgt. Clint Chrz came, and they came out in support of the neighbors and dismissed her complaints against them

Black is Coppedge. Both the two responding officers and the involved neighbors are white.

Despite the fact that the cops engaged "blocked the audio" on their cameras during some of their own "private chats," the incident was captured on body-worn cameras, according to court records.

The judge cited Coppedge's claim that Schoeffler left out from his police report that her neighbors admitted to yelling racial epithets at her and hurling her cane into the street as examples of these omissions.