Herbert Malcolm: A Scholar, Athlete And Founder Of Hillsboro Beach (Latest News)

Frahran, in the Colony of Victoria, County of Bourke, Australia, not far from Melbourne, is where Herbert Lawrence Malcolm was born in 1884.

He was the fourth child of Martha Ana Crawford of Beechworth, Victoria, and trader Richard Lawrence Malcolm of Oswego, New York.

Herbert migrated to the country to pursue his education, and in 1907, he earned his degree from Yale University.

After receiving his degree, he worked as a teacher at the Lake Placid, New York, School for Boys, which held its winter term in South Florida and its spring and fall terms in the Adirondacks.

Malcolm was an outstanding mountain climber, traveler, and athlete who conquered some of the most well-known peaks in the world.

He established the Hillsboro Club there in 1925, in a place already renowned as a fishing haven.

Malcolm persisted and constructed additions in addition to acquiring the lighthouse cottage from the U.S. Coast Guard. On October 23, 1925