In an interview with ABC News, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence Marc Short stated that he had testified before a federal grand jury looking .

In an interview with ABC News' Linsey Davis on Monday night, Short said that he had been subpoenaed by a grand jury and testified before it.

He added, however, that he "really can't speak further than that" on the advice of his legal representation. The grand jury appearance was originally reported by ABC News on Monday morning.

On Friday, an ABC News camera filmed Short and his lawyer, Emmet Flood, leaving D.C. District Court. With his appearance before the grand jury, Short is the highest-ranking .

He told Davis in the interview, "I think that having the Capitol looted the way that it was, I think does offer liability and danger." "What's more, I believe the Secret Service.

When approached by ABC News, a representative from the U.S. Attorney's Office declined to comment. Greg Jacob, Pence's former chief counsel, also appeared before the grand jury,.

ABC News attempted to contact both Jacob and his lawyer, but neither answered. The Jan. 6 committee just had a public hearing, and Jacob testified before the group.

According to the sources, prosecutors have sent grand jury subpoenas to those involved in the planning and organization of the "Save America" rally held by former President Donald Trump