First Debate Delivers Telling First Impressions Of Candidates For Oregon Governor (Latest News)

The candidates for governor are on another level. In these debates, arguments count when the power hitters step to the plate, heads turn.

Those independent votes come to mind as the spectators in the stands. They'll be tardy. They won't sit behind either of the two main party dugouts and are less likely to track the candidates' positions.

These voters don't have to accept the options provided by the main parties if they want a natural voice in the outcome because this is a competitive three-way election.

The Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association sponsored a gathering of journalists in a sleepy lodge in Welches, where the first debate occurred. It was a gathering for old-timers.

It was an excellent contest that was well worth your time and indicated how this contest would proceed in the coming months.

It's harder to determine that. We frequently confuse effective leadership with content. Moneyball is played by partisans who desire runs on the scoreboard.

Instead of her style, Kotek's strength is her track record. Johnson is forthright, talks aggressively, and has a lot of styles.