Season 3 of the anime "Fire Force" Β is reportedly in production, according to a tweet posted on April 29 by the well-known and usually

The good news is that extensions for anime are typically based on two factors: popularity and source material, therefore Fire Force's comeback was practically inevitable.

Despite the fact that these numbers don't have anything to do with Japanese performance, which is perhaps more crucial

You don't have to take our word for it that Fire Force is a fan-favorite show; the numbers speak for themselves

rescheduled. It was decided out of respect for Kyoto Animation, where at least 33 people lost their lives the day before in an arson attack.

There has been no word on a third season as of May 2022. The anime only covered up to the beginning of the second season

As a result of the arson attack against Kyota Animation, the production of the third episode of the Fire Force anime has been delayed

Although the announcement of Fire Force season 3's return was met with joy by fans, a release date was not provided