Fast-Moving Winding Fire Prompts Evacuations Near Oregon House (Latest Quick News

A wild is on fire in Yube county; it started Monday afternoon. The administration warned about the fire, appealed to the people of the Sierra foothills to leave their homes, and said to reach a safe place.

The firefighter crew member said that the fire was spreading in the wild very fast due to strong wind blowing and dry conditions.

A heavy flame fire was seen in wood the 3 miles south of the Oregon house. This near the Westwood Trail joins windings way.

Yuba County Zones E099 and E043 south of Oregon House received an order to leave the house and move to a safer location. There are a large number of houses in that area. A crew from CBS13 said a mobile home burned down in a wood fire.

An evacuation order was issued for the northern area of Oregon, including Frenchtown E089. The administration also issued alerts to nearby zones like E009, E093, E100, and E101.

The Sheriff's Posse Arena, located at 5396 Marysville Road in Browns Valley, is the preferred location for animals belonging to evacuees.

On Monday, a mother and her three children fled to the campground with sandwiches for the children to eat.