Drawing A Line Somewhere: Columbia County Backtracks, Allows Body-Art Studio To Operate (Current News)

Two weeks after her desire to create tattoos was denied, Columbia County granted a body artist permission to open her workshop in Evans

The Evans commercial strip currently occupied by Vogue Hair and Beauty Salon at 4150 Washington Road has been approved by a vote taken on Tuesday by the county's Board of Commissioners

It has allowed Leeanne Usry Brow + Ink to offer specialized tattoo services from only two suites within the strip.

Permanent makeup is a tattoo that looks like it was placed temporarily, while micro-blading is a treatment in which pigmented strokes are given to the eyebrows to make them look like hair.

Connie Melear, a district one commissioner, stated that nothing new was brought to the commissioners on Tuesday that hadn't already been disclosed on July 19.

the environment at Leeanne Usry Brow + Ink is unlike that of a traditional tattoo store. Most displayed tattoos were created with a single needle and are styled to look like detailed line drawings.

These discussions have been started between the Health Department and Planning to help curb this potential issue moving forward