Company Wants $14m To Get Out Of Oregon Mega Dairy (Latest News)

According to new records that reveal numerous setbacks, the firm that acquired a struggling giant dairy facility in northern Oregon several years ago may be prepared to give up on its attempts toward reopening it.

According to The Tri-City Herald, Easterday Dairy has received numerous warnings for failing to control nitrate levels in water at the farm east of Portland near Boardman

Easterday Dairy is requesting millions in damages or to have the purchase agreement terminated.

After Cody Easterday entered a guilty plea in a "ghost cattle" scheme that defrauded Tyson Foods and other companies out of hundreds of millions of dollars

The main issue in the dispute is a permit that Oregon agriculture officials have so far rejected but which would allow Easterday's son Cole to reopen the dairy business in Oregon.

The National Institute for Health states that there is evidence connecting nitrate poisoning of groundwater to an increased risk of cancer, thyroid disorders, and birth defects.

Easterday is requesting the site's $10.5 million purchase price back in addition to an additional $4 million to cover their investment.