Columbia County Authorities Arrest Suspect In Madison Battery, Carjacking (Latest News)

The man who is suspected of assaulting a woman when she was carrying goods into her car early on Friday morning was apprehended by the police.

Around nine in the morning, according to Columbia County Sheriff Todd Horn, Dane County investigators informed surrounding counties about their search for the suspect who was driving a 2013 Land Range Rover Evoque.

At 10:30 in the morning, the Dispatch Center of the Sauk County Sheriff's Office informed the Columbia County Sheriff's Office that they had been pursuing the Land Rover and that it was on Highway 60 entering Columbia County at the time.

A pursuit began after a Lodi police officer made an effort to pull over the vehicle in question.

After that, a second officer used a device to deflate the tyres, and although it was successful, the motorist continued driving.

The tyres eventually went flat, causing the automobile to spin off on Highway 113, which eventually caused the pursuit speeds to slow down.

An investigation has been opened by the Madison Police Department after they received a report that a lady was assaulted while she was loading goods into her vehicle early on Friday morning.