Candace Cameron Bure's Instagram Video, According to Jojo Siwa, Omitted Important Elements

"Grow up," said Candace Cameron Bure's kid after she criticized Jojo Siwa.

"You and I talked via phone. You can see her Instagram post about it here, "Siwa informed Page Six. "A lot of the meeting's information was kept under wraps

As an 11-year-old, it was one of those moments that stayed with me." A few years later, at the "Fuller House" premiere,

In Response to Jojo Siwa Calling Candace Cameron Bure the "Rudest CelebrityΒ 

For some reason, she refused to pose for a photo with me at the after-party

That's why I was so irate." Bure said on Tuesday that the two of them had a "nice talk" and that there was "no drama" between them

Despite the fact that Bure and Siwa appeared to have put an end to the saga, the "Fuller House" star's daughter decided to weigh in. Natasha,

When someone refuses to pose for a picture with you, it's not a "tough experience," as some have claimed. The current age is incredibly fragile and lacking

She reportedly continued, "There are bigger challenges in our world than this.". "Grow a pair." The Kelly Clarkson Show" reunited Bure and Siwa in 2019 for the first time