On Wednesday, a court determined that Britney Spears would not have to appear for her father's "revenge deposition."At a hearing in the afternoon,

Pop diva Miley Cyrus "likely lacks" any awareness about her father's disputed behavior, according to Judge Brenda Penny's order

Judge Penny explained that while "the topic of surveillance is fully within the scope of the pending petition objecting to payments linked to improper surveillance,

Jamie wanted to question his daughter in a deposition about the "unsubstantiated charges" she had made against him as he sought court approval for his handling

Britney is challenging those authorizations on the grounds that her father mistreated her and mismanaged her estate while allegedly cooperating with a security outfit.

Two weeks ago, at a hearing in the ongoing court battle, Rosengart said that Jamie was essentially seeking a "revenge deposition.

Whether or not Jamie Spears thinks it, his daughter feels traumatized by what she endured at his hands for over a decade, Rosengart claimed on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Judge Penny issued a judgment denying Jamie's request for data from Kroll Associates, the investigation agency that found that Jamie had taken more than $6,300,000