The widely reported tensions between the United States and China will not be the only topic of discussion when Vice President Joe Biden calls Chinese leader Xi Jinping next week.

The White House also attempted to play down a potential source of escalating tensions between the two countries: a visit by U.S. lawmakers to Taiwan, possibly led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

DC β€” Washington. The White House announced on Wednesday that Vice President Joe Biden will speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping soon and that the two.

The call will take place "in the coming days," and it will be the 5th leader-to-leader conversation between Biden and Xi, according to National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

The news of escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing dominated the headlines, but Kirby emphasized that a call between Biden and Xi was worthwhile

Kirby emphasized how important it was for the president to keep an open channel of communication with President Xi. There are "topics where we can engage with China

Potential sources of disagreement were highlighted, including China's treatment of Taiwan, its "aggressive and coercive actions in the Indo-Pacific outside of Taiwan,

"I would anticipate all of these to be included in this discussion," Kirby added. A potential legislative trip to Taiwan, which reports suggest could be sponsored by House Speaker .