Another Tough Week For The Hops In Eugene (Latest News)

Another Tough Week For The Hops In Eugene (Latest News)

Hillsboro lags its competitor by eight games after losing five of their last six games to the first-place Ems.

This past week, Hillsboro's struggles persisted as the visiting Hops lost five out of their six games at rival Eugene.

Since they defeated Vancouver at the end of May, the Hops have not defeated a team other than the Tri-City Dust Devils in a series.

Vince Harrison, manager of Hillsboro, stated, "It's complicated. "You can't really pinpoint one thing, but we just have to keep grinding and pushing these guys to fight through those tough moments and not just give in."

Hillsboro won the third game they played at Eugene after losing the first two, but they lost the next three matches by a cumulative score of 24-9.

He said, "I wasn't surprised. "Anyone who has seen him, in my opinion, is aware of his potential and abilities, but he is only 19 makes it even more astounding. I believe that everyone in the organization is aware of his abilities."

This week, Hillsboro plays six games at Everett before returning home to host Spokane and Eugene for two weeks.