Angelina Jolie has prevailed in court against ex-husband Brad Pitt in their bitter dispute over the winery where they were wedded in 2014.

In 2008, the couple moved into the chateau on the firm's Provençal vineyard and assumed leadership of the acclaimed rosé company, where Pitt has been hard at work

However, Jolie sold her share to liquor giant Stoli, which triggered a complex legal battle involving Pitt, Jolie, their respective companies.

In the most recent round of fighting, Jolie's side issued subpoenas to Pitt, his manager, and Pitt's firm, Mondo Bongo.

Jolie has requested access to court documents and correspondence, and Pitt's team has fought tooth and nail to get her request denied.

Having Stoli on board as a business partner would make any sane person delighted. They boast first-rate promotional efforts and distribution channels

While Pitt and Jolie were still married, Pitt reportedly turned down an offer to sell the company to Stoli because he believed it was too risky

They added, "The greatest approach to keep value for they are kids is for the parents to retain full ownership of this highly valuable and expanding asset."