According to Taiwan and US ources, Pelosi is Expected to Visit Taiwan

As a top official in Taiwan's government and a US official told CNN, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

On the heels of a statement from a US official, Defense Department personnel are working nonstop to keep her safe.

"Let the US know that China is ready to intervene at any time and that the People's Liberation Army of China will never sit on the sidelines.

We will continue our efforts to maintain a free, safe, and open Indo-Pacific."The topic of Taiwan is one of the most divisive in the world today.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping spoke for two and a half hours and 17 minutes about it on Thursday, as tensions between the United States and China grew.

According to the Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang, "the topic of Taiwan is the most sensitive and essential fundamental issue

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has received briefings from Pentagon and other administration officials in recent weeks

However, Biden has refused to elaborate on his cautions about Pelosi's trip to Taiwan, which he made public last month.