Who is Katie Thurston Dating? Bachelor Nation Alum Goes Instagram Official!


If you’re familiar with dating, you probably notice some common stages in your past relationships. There’s the fun but awkward phase of getting to know each other, the moment you realize there could be a real connection, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have that “oh no” moment when you realize you really like the other person.

Most people go through these stages when dating, but not many do it on TV for everyone to watch. Katie Thurston, however, would likely tell you that dating on a reality show is a lot like regular dating. Since 2021, Katie has been on several dating shows and has become a well-known reality star. She has dated, been dated, and has an interesting dating history. Let’s take a look at who she’s dated and who is katie thurston dating.

Who is Katie Thurston Dating?

Who is Katie Thurston Dating

Katie Thurston is dating Jeff Arcuri,Β  she revealed in her Instagram post.


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Fans first met Katie Thurston on Season 25 of β€œThe Bachelor,” and she came back for Season 17 of β€œThe Bachelorette.” Since then, Katie has been keeping fans updated on social media. In a recent Instagram Q&A, she announced she’s in a new relationship, saying, β€œI’ve been taken off the market,” and added that she’s β€œhappily snatched up” and in the β€œhoneymoon phase.”

Recently, she shared a photo on her Story with a β€œmy best day” filter, showing her and her boyfriend kissing, but she hid their faces.

Later, she posted a photo of her date and his dog enjoying a drink after a local sports event. Katie hasn’t shared more details about her new relationship yet, but fans think she might be dating a fellow comedian.

We hope Katie shares more about her new love soon, and we’re happy to see her happy! We’ll let you know if we find out more about them.

Katie Thurston Dating History

Katie became well-known after appearing on Season 25 of The Bachelor in 2021. She stood up to bullying on the show and gained fans despite being eliminated in Week 6. She also became popular on TikTok, where she shared sex-positive videos and dating advice under the username @thekatiethurston.

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After The Bachelor, Katie returned to TV in 2021 as the star of The Bachelorette Season 17. Many men competed for her affection, and she ended up choosing wildlife manager Blake Moynes. They got engaged after the season aired in August 2021.

Their relationship didn’t last long, and they announced their breakup in October 2021. Soon after, Katie started dating John Hersey, whom she had eliminated in Week 2 of her Bachelorette season. They were together until June 2022 when they also broke up.

Despite these setbacks, Katie continued to pursue love on TV. In 2023, she appeared on Season 3 of FBoy Island, a reality dating show where women must figure out who is genuinely interested in them among a group of men competing for a cash prize.

On the show, Katie has shown a strong connection with Vince Xu, who has also appeared on reality dating shows before.

As the season is still ongoing, it’s unclear if Vince’s feelings for Katie will stand the test of time.

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