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Alex McMinn, a PE Instructor and Coach, Dies in a Hunting Accident

alex mcminn accident

alex mcminn accident


Alex McMinn was born in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina, and graduated from Calhoun Falls High School and Dixie High School in Due West, SC. He then pursued his higher education at the University of Georgia, where he followed his passion for teaching and coaching.

He worked as a PE teacher and coach at Belton Preparatory Academy, where he was loved and respected by his students and colleagues. He taught various sports and physical activities, such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball, and encouraged his students to be healthy and active.

He also coached the school’s basketball and soccer teams and helped them achieve success and growth. Alex McMinn was also a devout Christian and the son of Rev. Mike McMinn, the pastor of Whitefield Baptist Church.

He was involved in the church’s youth ministry and music ministry and shared his faith and love with others. He also enjoyed playing the guitar and singing and often performed at church events and family gatherings.

Alex McMinn Accident: How Did the Hunting Accident Happen?

According to the reports, the exact cause of Alex McMinn’s death was a hunting accident that happened on the weekend of October 30-31, 2023. He suffered from severe injuries that led to his death.

The details of the accident are still unclear, but according to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, McMinn was accidentally shot by a family member in the bedroom of a home on Highway 29 South in Belton on Sunday, October 31, 2023. He was airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

The sheriff’s office said the shooting was not intentional and no charges have been filed. The investigation is ongoing and the coroner’s office is awaiting the results of an autopsy.

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How Did the Community React to Alex McMinn’s Death?

The news of Alex McMinn’s death has shocked and saddened the community of Belton and beyond. Many people have expressed their condolences and tributes to the young man who touched so many lives with his kindness and joy.

Belton Preparatory Academy posted a statement on its Facebook page, It is with a saddened heart that I inform you of a devastating tragedy that occurred last night involving our PE Instructor, Coach Alex McMinn.”

Whitefield Baptist Church also posted a message on its Facebook page, Please keep Mike, Martha, Kinsley, and Logan, as well as all of their family and close friends, in constant prayer.

Many friends, relatives, and acquaintances of McMinn have also shared their memories and condolences on social media, remembering him as a loving, caring, and fun-loving person who made a positive difference in the world.

When and Where Will Alex McMinn’s Funeral Be Held?

The funeral arrangements for Alex McMinn have not been announced yet. The family might share the details in the coming days for those who want to pay their respects and honour his memory. In the meantime, the family has requested privacy and respect during this difficult time.

The family has also set up a GoFundMe page to help with the medical and funeral expenses. The page has raised over $20,000 so far and has received many donations and messages of support from the community. The page can be accessed [here].

The family has also expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the love and support they have received from the community. They have asked for continued prayers and comfort as they cope with their loss. They have also asked people to remember Alex McMinn as a wonderful person who lived his life to the fullest and who left a lasting legacy of kindness and joy.

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