Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth: How Much Did Sarah Jessica Parker Make in Hocus Pocus 2?


Sarah Jessica Parker was a well-known actress before Sex and the City, but the HBO hit turned her into a household figure and brought in even more money.

Many viewers of SATC have pointed out that Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t possibly maintain her extravagant New York City lifestyle on a journalist’s salary, but it’s safe to assume that Parker could easily afford Carrie’s Manhattan apartment and extensive collection of red-soled, Christian Louboutin shoes.

Learn how Sarah Jessica Parker made her significant income from her outings on the small and big screens, and how she stands to make even more money now that the Sex and the City revival and And Just Like That… are receiving second seasons and Hocus Pocus 2 is arriving Disney+.

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

American actress, model, singer, and producer Sarah Jessica Parker is worth an estimated $200 million. That’s her and her actor husband Matthew Broderick’s combined wealth.

To most people, Sarah will always be remembered as Carrie Bradshaw from the hit HBO series “Sex and the City.” During the initial run of the show, she appeared in 94 episodes, spread out across six seasons. After that, she was in two films and the HBO Max revival “And Just Like That…”, which debuted in December 2021 and ran for ten episodes. Sarah was nominated for and won four Golden Globes, three SAG Awards, and two Emmys for her performance in this role.

Sarah Jessica Parker was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential Persons in the World in 2022.

What Did Sarah Jessica Parker Gain From Sex and the City’s First Season?

What Did Sarah Jessica Parker Gain From Sex and the City's First Season

In 2018, Parker was paid the most of the main cast (which also included Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon) because of her already-established status as an A-list name, as revealed by Sex and the City writer and executive producer Michael Patrick King on the Origins With James Andrew Miller podcast.

First and foremost, the sitcom would not be on the air if Sarah Jessica hadn’t been cast as the lead blonde character. Their contracts reflected the fact that Kim was not at the height of her career, Kristin was below her in terms of notoriety, and Cynthia was a theatrical actor. He continued, saying that Parker’s name “was contractually, legally, righteously, the only name on the poster due to the fact that she was a movie star in 1998 when the series started and she did a leap to do a show about sex on the channel that did the fights [HBO], and it doesn’t matter how popular you are.”

In the original Sex and the City, Parker reportedly made around $50 million for the first three seasons, though the actual amount has never been disclosed. Parker’s salary as a producer for SATC increased to $3.2 million an episode when she joined the team in Season 4. If the sum is accurate, she earned $147 million for the 46 episodes that aired over the final three seasons. According to reports, Parker’s compensation on SATC is more than any other television personality in history.

How Much Did Sarah Jessica Parker Make in Hocus Pocus 2?

While the 1993 original Hocus Pocus bombed at the box office and was panned by critics even harsher than the Sanderson Sisters, it has now become a beloved millennial throwback and cult classic. While Parker confessed surprise at the sequel’s greenlight, she declined to discuss her remuneration for the film.

β€œTo be completely honest, for the past 28 years, I didn’t think much about a sequel,” she told Vanity Fair at the Hocus Pocus 2 premiere in September 2022. β€œI wasn’t involved in the conversations. When I found out it was going to happen, I was in shock. Bette [Midler] was the person who imagined the idea for years and thought that this would all happen. She could not be deterred from the idea, and I admire her so much for believing and fighting for a sequel. The lesson is, listen to the Divine Miss M. She knows what works and how to get it done.”

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s Real Estate

Sarah and Matthew purchased a townhouse in New York City for $18.995 million in March of 2011. After spending millions on repairs, they listed the home for $24.99 million in 2012 but had trouble finding a buyer who was ready to cover the cost of the modifications.

Eventually, they were compelled to sell for only $18.25 million, leaving them out of pocket by several million dollars after renovation costs were factored in.

Sarah and Matthew dropped a cool $34.5 million on two adjacent New York City townhouses that same year. A new home was built on the site, expanding its square footage to 14,000 inside, 2,100 outside, and 50 feet along the street.

They lived in a townhouse they had bought in 2000 for $2.995 million while they finished their massive New York property development project. They updated this building as well.

Between the years 2000 and 2002, they spent most of their lives in this house. The couple put their townhouse up for sale in January of 2020 for $19 million. Exactly one year passed before it could be unloaded. In the end, they settled for $15 million.

They have two modest houses in the Amagansett area of the Hamptons, which they bought for a combined $6.6 million in 2006. Reportedly, Broderick and Parker have a home in the same region of Ireland where Matthew spent summers as a kid.

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