When Will Totally Killer Movie Available to Watch? A Killer Comedy Set in the 1980s


Here’s everything we know about Totally Killer, a new horror series coming to Prime Video this year: sharpen your knives and practice your screams.

Numerous horror comedies have achieved widespread success, from Happy Death Day and its sequel to the humorous The Blackening; one might even argue that the bizarre Beau is Afraid fits the bill of a horror comedy. However, we’re here to discuss the new horror comedy Totally Killer, starring Kiernan Shipka.

However, when will the movie be released? Who else will be featured? I don’t know, what might it be? Here are some explanations for everything you may be wondering.

When Will Totally Killer Movie be Available to Watch?

Horror movie buffs, mark your calendars for October 6th, 2023, since that’s when Prime Video says you can stream Totally Killer.

Keep in mind that this is subject to change owing to the ongoing WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike, but if all goes well, we’ll have a great Halloween-themed horror comedy. The 2023 film schedule contains a number of highly anticipated releases in October, including Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon and Netflix’s Damsel. Then it’s time for The Exorcist: Believer as well.

But it seems like there aren’t a lot of horror comedies coming out, so Totally Killer should stand out. However, we will keep a watch on the release date in case it shifts.

Totally Killer: A 1980s Throwback with a Killer Twist

YouTube video

The premise of “Totally Killer” is totally absurd, and the red band trailer suggests that the film embraces its absurdity with gusto. When Jamie is accidentally transported to the 1980s, he meets a mother who laments that the decade is coming to an end and she still hasn’t tried cocaine.

Based on the trailer alone, it appears that the movie successfully captures the aesthetic of the 1980s. The murderer uses a mask that looks suspiciously like Max Headroom, and there’s a water bed involved.

Totally Killer A 1980s Throwback with a Killer Twist

There’s a good mix of scary and funny moments and director Nahnatchka Khan told Cosmopolitan, “The entire cast was fantastic, they all knew exactly the tone we were going for, when to dial it up and down, and were able to toggle back and forth between the comedy and horror in a way that made it feel effortless.”

Blumhouse has had remarkable success combining horror with comedy in films like “Happy Death Day” and “Freaky.”Let’s hope it’s sitting on another smash.

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