What is Maxx Morando Age Now? Who is dating Mass Morando at this Young Age?


Morando played drums for punk rock band The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018, and the group even appeared on Conan in 2017. This was before he joined the four-piece Los Angeles rock band Lilly. He and Cyrus have known each other for some time and share many familiar friends.

Maxx Morando Age

Maxx Morando was born in the United States on November 16, 1998. In 2023, he will have reached the age of 25. He’s a Virgo, according to astrology. Maxx Morando is his full given name. He, his parents, and his siblings grew up in the United States. Additionally, he is a legal resident and citizen of the USA.

His racial background is white. He is a devout follower of Jesus. He went to a high school around here, so that’s what we respond when asked about his education. We also don’t know a lot about his time in college.

Masks Morango’s dating life is always trending; let’s find out who he is dating now.

Who is dating Mass Morando at this Young Age?

At the close of 2021, when Miley Cyrus was in Miami filming her New Year’s Eve special for NBC, Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, rumors began circulating that the popular singer was dating Lilly’s drummer, Maxx Morando. The Daily Mail snapped a photo of them kissing on her Miami hotel balcony.

They were seen dancing offstage as well. Entertainment Tonight verified their relationship in March 2022, with a source calling it “low-key.” They’ve been together for almost a year, and they’re still “going strong.”

Is the Rumors About Their Relationship True?

Thirty-year-old Although Cyrus has been mum on her relationship with 24-year-old model Morando, the two were spotted attending the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles in November.

In January of 2022, a reliable source confirmed to E! News that the two were dating.

β€œShe’s happily dating Maxx,”said the insider. β€œIt’s official between them.”

The insider said, “They are both artistic and creative, so they bond over being musicians,” and confirmed that Morando was really there at the New Year’s Eve celebration. He was seen laughing and having a wonderful time with Miley and Pete [Davidson] during the New Year’s Eve rehearsals and taping. They were all very sociable with one another, and the evening had the impression of being a lot of fun.

Is the Rumors About Their Relationship True

According to an article published by Entertainment Tonight on March 1, 2022, the couple has reportedly been dating secretly for some time. According to the insider, “Miley and Maxx have been enjoying themselves together.” “They’ve been dating for a long and are happy with each other. Miley appreciates that Maxx allows her the freedom to pursue her own interests and surround herself with positive influences.

The couple’s PDA was further confirmed by photos taken of them kissing in West Hollywood on Thursday, April 14. After meeting there, they kissed and hugged one other in the lobby of a salon. After that, they strolled down the street hand in hand like a real life married couple.

In March of 2023, about a year later, Cyrus and Morando assured everyone they are still very much in love with each other. They were spotted walking the Versace runway in Los Angeles hand-in-hand before her new record, Endless Summer Vacation, was released. After work that day, they all went to a Gucci bash to celebrate the new release.

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