Suspects Sought After Attack on Security Guard at Nordstrom Store

While on the job Sunday morning, a security guard at Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle was attacked.

According to Seattle police, during an attempted robbery, the attacker was able to enter the establishment, but the culprit fled before officers could arrive.

Before many of the downtown establishments even opened their doors for the day on Sunday morning, there was an attack. Around 8:30 a.m., Seattle police responded to a report of a robbery at the Nordstrom flagship store in downtown Seattle and discovered a security guard who had been hurt.

Police claim that the suspect entered the establishment, although it is uncertain whether anything was taken. Police did not give a description of the eluded capture suspect.

At the time of the incident, the store was closed.

β€œIt’s surprising, wish it hadn’t have happened,” Ann Johnson, who lives in Seattle and was shopping at Nordstrom, said, β€œIt doesn’t seem very bad to me down here, I know third is pretty bad, I probably wouldn’t stay around that area, but I always feel kind of safe here, although I heard about that security guard.”

Nordstrom Store Safety Concerns Raised After Two Incidents

Representatives for Nordstrom acknowledged that there was an incident that was addressed before the store opened on Sunday and that their employee is recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Oh Chanta, who oversees the brand-new Asean Streat Food Hall at Westlake Center, claims they frequently deal with safety problems brought on by locals loitering.

The city needs to do more here, perhaps by stationing more police, Chanta said, “That’s pretty scary, I think of my customers and their safety.” Customers have also been asking for police and extra security, as I have heard. Both my staff and I desire more.

The assault occurred a few weeks after two persons allegedly attempted to crash a car through the storefront of the flagship overnight on July 26.

According to witnesses, someone also tried to shatter and grab the window, but they were unsuccessful in obtaining anything inside.

β€œMy dad walks a lot, usually in the morning, but sometimes in the evening, and he definitely feels he’s less safe walking around, he’ll see things looks a little shabbier, look a little less safe,” Bill Hoppin, who is visiting his father in Seattle, said. β€œHe never used to have to worry about people following him, or what part of the downtown he was walking in, he’s adjusted his routes to avoid certain areas. He’s also looking over his shoulder a lot more than he ever has before.”

Customers are hoping that these most recent instances don’t signal the beginning of a bad trend that could drive additional businesses out of the downtown area.

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