After Firing At Cobb National Park With Three Firearms, A Teen Sends Bullets Soaring

The Palisades Trail is accessible from Cumberland Mall by car in about five minutes. Rock climbers, hikers, and runners all enjoy the trail very much.

However, earlier last week, when folks were outside admiring nature, shots started whizzing by.

Witnesses informed Channel 2 Action News that they heard several gunshots as they were getting ready to take the trail around 5:30 p.m. and dialed 911 right away.

Rock climber Jonathan Ryan told Channel 2 Action News, “We’ve been out here a few of times to cliff jump, but this is our first time out here rock climbing.

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In accordance with court records, officers discovered Linxuan Xu, 19, to be armed with three firearms when they arrived. The reason for the shooting has not been disclosed by the investigators.

“Honestly, that disgusts me beyond belief. Elissa Windsor questioned, “I mean, what is it even to shoot out here? I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

On Thursday, Xu was released on bond.

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