ParentsΒ Indicted After Their Little Child Is Allegedly Found Alone On A Preston County Road

Following reports that their 3-year-old was seen strolling by himself in a ditch along Herring Road in Kingwood, a Preston County couple has been taken into prison.

Criminal allegations state that two persons driving on Herring Road informed the grandparents that the toddler was discovered walking in the ditch.

The grandfather claimed that after picking up the child, he went to the home of the child’s parents, Kingwood residents Matthew Glen Johnson, 26, and Madison Rahnee Nedrow, 24, to confront them.

The grandfather reported to the police that Johnson and Nedrow opened the door after he had banged on it for some time. He remarked in the complaint that the house was “very dirty and had dog feces covering the floor.” Parents were asked where their child was, and many replied that they “did not know.”

Trooper M.C. Boggs visited the child’s home and met with Johnson and Nedrow after meeting with the grandparents. Johnson and Nedrow allegedly claimed that the youngster “must have went out the front door” while they were cleaning in the back bedroom.

Boggs stated Johnson and Nedrow gave them permission to enter the house and look around. Before entering the house, the officer saw that “the smell of feces was very strong.”

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Boggs claimed that when officers arrived, they found feces all over the kitchen floor, the majority of which appeared to be old since it had been pounded into the ground. In addition, according to Boggs’ report, “there was trash and dirty dishes on nearly the entire countertop and floor.”

The policeman felt that the home’s conditions “grossly neglect the child residing in the residence” after inspecting it.

In accordance with the complaint, Boggs also got in touch with the couple who spotted the kid strolling down the street, and they corroborated what they had seen.

Following their arraignment on Thursday in Preston County Magistrate Court, Johnson and Nedrow were charged with child negligence posing a danger of injury. They are currently being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail. Each was required to post a $10,000 cash bond.

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