Hope Springs Eternal for Snowy Owls at Oregon Zoo

Four snowy owlets have emerged from their nest in the Great Northwest section of the Oregon Zoo after an eventful week of pips and hoots. Rocky and Banff’s offspring were a wonderful surprise to their care staff when they first arrived at the zoo earlier this year.

β€œWe hoped Rocky and Banff would have owlets someday, but we thought it would be another year or two at least,” said Ronda Naseth, a keeper in the zoo’s North America area. β€œWhen Rocky laid four eggs earlier this summer we were thrilled.”

Rocky and Banff are typical of snowy owls, who build their nests on the ground. In their environment, you can see their cozy nest, which has room on all sides and is close to the base of a big tree.

β€œBanff is constantly delivering food to Rocky and the owlets,” Naseth said. β€œHe’s a great owl Dad.”

Here is a picture of the Owls:

The four owlets are still staying warm under their mother’s feathers, but in a week or two, the caretakers anticipate them to start leaving the nest to go on adventures. The four fluffy creatures may be visible to zoogoers in the snowy owl habitat next to Black Bear Ridge.

Due to habitat degradation brought on by climate change, snowy owl numbers in the wild have decreased by more than 85% in recent years. They are particularly sensitive to dangers from human development when they are migrating. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has given the species its “vulnerable” status.

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