Oregon Hospital Mourns Maternity Ward Guard Shot De@d

A town in the US state of Oregon is grieving the loss of a hospital security guard who was shot and killed over the weekend while guarding a maternity ward against an invader.

According to a description of him written by the news website oregonlive.com, the killed guard, 44-year-old Bobby Smallwood, first handled administrative and computer-related responsibilities when he joined Portland’s Legacy Health network last year. But because he was 6 feet 5 inches tall and 270 pounds, staff members at the hospital network frequently requested Smallwood’s assistance with security.

His parents, Walter and Tammy Smallwood, claimed that eventually he was persuaded to work full-time as a guard rather than in administration.

Smallwood was covering a shift at the Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center on Saturday at around 11 a.m., even though he typically worked at another hospital in the network. Smallwood, who was unarmed, was shot in the chest and dαΌ°ed as he stood in a maternity unit hallway between the invader and staff and patients. His parents were informed of this incident.

Although another hospital employee was hurt, no one else on staff was murdered. After the intruder allegedly fled the hospital, was discovered in the nearby city of Gresham, and was going to be detained, police shot him to de@th later, according to the authorities.

Here is an official Tweet posted by Guardian News:

For Walter Smallwood, his late son, “everybody looked up to him,” he said. “It hasn’t really sunk in yet.”

The murder of Smallwood caused many who knew him to think somberly on how a person who was regarded as having high-functioning autism and avoiding conflict ended up giving his life to save others.

Smallwood, who was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, relocated to Oregon about a decade ago to pursue a romance with a woman he met on Facebook. He dated her briefly, majored in mathematics at Portland State University, and helped manage the school’s food bank before graduating in 2020.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Smallwood lost his job at the food bank, but he later found work at Legacy Emanuel.

Oregonlive.com quoted Smallwood’s former math professor at Portland State as saying she was “really surprised he went into security.”

According to the instructor, Rachel Webb, “He was very sweet, despite the fact that he was big.”.

Despite the risks that come with working as an unarmed security guard, Smallwood was dedicated to his job at a children’s hospital, according to his father.

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Walter Smallwood described his son as “he loved kids,” and “He tolerated adults.”

President of Legacy Health Kathryn Correia spoke to Bobby Smallwood’s murder as “devastating” in a statement.

β€œWords cannot express the profound grief we are experiencing,” Correia’s statement read. β€œWe offer our unwavering support to Bobby’s loved ones, to our patients in our care, to the staff at Legacy Good Samaritan and to all of our employees and providers suffering.”

Webb said, “It was great… he stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves,” in her comments to oregonlive.com. However, according to Webb, “It’s just awful that he had to lose his life.”

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