Police Dog Attacks Black Unarmed Man Who Was Surrendering, Video Sparks Outrage

An unarmed black man in the US was attacked by a police dog after he gave himself up after a “lengthy pursuit” with his hands high, according to a CNN story. On July 4, the incident happened when police attempted to pull over a commercial semi-truck that had refused to stop for an inspection.

Ohio State Highway Patrol made a video public. According to CNN, authorities submitted a report on the case with redactions. The truck was reportedly halted because it was “missing a left rear mud flap”.

However, the car kept traveling west on the highway in Jackson County, and the report added that the driver even made “eye contact” with the inspector. Jadarrius Rose, a 23-year-old man, was the driver. CNN reports that as the truck stopped, a cop motioned for the driver to “get out” while pointing a firearm at the semi-truck.

The motorist, though, disregarded the directives and started going backward. cops pursued the truck until it stopped, at which point the driver emerged from the vehicle surrounded by multiple police cars and cops. The motorist was then shown in the social media video standing in front of the police with his hands raised.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Rose can be heard being told to “go on the ground or you’re gonna get a bit” by a police officer who has a dog. However, after being set free, the dog attacked the driver. “Do not let the dog go while his hands are raised!” Before the officer unleashed the dog, a trooper could be heard shouting repeatedly.

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The dog was seen biting Rose and yanking at his arm while he yelled loudly in the footage. “Take that off!” Rose repeatedly yells. One of the police officers cried, “Get the dog off of him!” One may hear other officers requesting a first aid kit.

According to NBC News, the driver was eventually apprehended, however, it is unclear if the cop who ordered the dog to attack the man was disciplined. The highway patrol made it clear that “the canine involved in the incident is from the Circleville Police Department and not the Ohio State Highway Patrol”.

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