Middlewood Trams to be Disrupted for Major Track Replacement Works

The first day of a program of work to replace the tram tracks has begun. Workmen will be on the site for the first time today, and over the next few days, bus replacement services are scheduled to run in the regions impacted by the road work.

Stagecoach, an operator, has announced that crucial work to repair worn rails will begin today, July 24, in cooperation with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Middlewood Road will be the site of construction today, Monday, July 24. Between Dixon Road and Keyworth Road, next to the bowling alley, construction will be done with traffic control in place.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Following that, it will occur on Thursday, July 27, in Hillsborough between Ripley Street and Forbes Road; on Sunday, July 30, on Infirmary Road between West Don Street and Portland Street; and on Thursday, August 3, in Shalesmoor, where all work will be done inside the tram stop area.

The following effects will be felt on tram services:

  • Β Blue route: During construction, Shalesmoor will serve as the beginning and end point for all Blue route services. Tram service between Shalesmoor and Halfway will run a little later than usual.
  • Yellow route: From Monday through Friday, Yellow route services begin and end at Shalesmoor, with the exception of the hours of 07:05 to 19:15, when they begin and end at Cathedral. This is because Shalesmoor has a restricted capacity while higher frequency services are in operation. On Saturdays, the Yellow Route begins and ends in Shalesmoor, with the exception of the hours of 08:44–19:15, when it begins and ends at Cathedral. This is because Shalesmoor has a restricted capacity while higher frequency services are in operation. On Sundays, the Yellow route will run alongside the Blue route all day, beginning and ending at Shalesmoor. Tram service between Shalesmoor, Cathedral, and Meadowhall will run a little later than usual. When boarding at Shalesmoor, be sure to check the destination because trams that arrive as one route and depart as another, such as Yellow arriving but leaving as Blue, will.
  • Purple and Tram Train routes: These routes are not impacted and will run according to the schedules that have been published.

All routes are expected to run on a regular basis beginning on Monday, August 7.

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Between Shalesmoor and Middlewood, Travel South Yorkshire will run a special replacement bus known as the BY1. This service will only make short stops at bus stops that are near current tram stops.

The same frequencies that trams use will be used by this service. Even though buses and trams are timed to provide for continuous travel, we cannot guarantee that services will link.

From 24 July to 6 August, only the First 81/82 services between Hillsborough and Malin Bridge will take valid tram tickets from clients traveling to and from Malin Bridge. During these construction efforts, tram tickets cannot be used on any other bus routes.

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