‘Biblical Proportions’: Three Months of Rains Floods Nova Scotia, Forcing Evacuations as Rescuers Search for Missing Persons


Since Friday night, three months’ worth of rain in a single day has drenched the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, flooding streets, causing evacuations, and going missing at least four persons, including two children.

In addition to the adjacent municipalities of East Hants, West Hants, Lunenburg, and Queens, the regional municipality of Halifax has also been placed under a state of emergency.

On Saturday, Halifax Mayor Mike Savage said, “We have received biblical levels of rain during the night and into the day.

In a news conference on Saturday, Premier Tim Houston revealed that the two missing kids were in a car that had sunk into the water in West Hants. He claimed that three other people in the car with them were able to flee.

In a different incident, a man and a young person were also reported missing in the West Hants region when their car was flooded, although two other occupants in the same car were saved, according to Houston.

Nova Scotians Pray for Safe Return of Missing People

As the hunt for the four continues, officials have not disclosed the identities or ages of the four.

“I cannot stop thinking about these families and these four individuals,” Houston said. “I want them to know that everything that can be done is being done. I know the entire province joins me in praying for their safe return.”

Houston urged locals to wait before joining the search for the missing people because the situation in the area is still hazardous.

The forecast indicates that rain will increase in the northern and eastern parts of Nova Scotia on Saturday night, while it is predicted to lessen in the central, western, and southern parts, according to officials.

In one day, the province received an estimated 250 millimeters of rain, according to Houston.

He claimed, “We received three months’ worth of rain in less than 24 hours. “It came quickly and violently.”

CNN confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

Nova Scotia Braces for More Flooding as Storms Continue

On Saturday, Houston stated that catastrophic flooding had inundated a large portion of central Nova Scotia, necessitated water rescues, and caused “significant” property damage. Additionally, the storms undermined bridges and harmed highways.

According to officials, the proclamation of a state of emergency is intended to restrict movement in severely affected areas, permit the deployment of resources, and expedite the rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure.

“We have a scary situation here in the province. We had significant rainfall overnight causing extensive flooding damage,” said Houston. “The state of emergency allows us to respond quickly when there are calls for more resources.”

As stated by Mayor Savage, “Our community is once again confronted by the awful force and unpredictability, nature, and a changing climate.”

“This has been an extraordinary event and I know that it follows on the heels of wildfires of not very long ago and even Hurricane Fiona of last fall.” the mayor added.

Some towns in the Halifax area are still rebuilding from a massive wildfire that started in late May and forced around 16,400 residents to evacuate while destroying 151 homes.

In a statement on Twitter on Saturday afternoon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed solidarity for the people of Nova Scotia, stating that “we’re providing resources to help with evacuations – and we stand ready to provide any additional federal resources needed.” Keep yourselves safe, everyone.

According to a news statement from Trudeau’s office, Trudeau also called Houston on Saturday and stressed the importance of federal and municipal cooperation in search and rescue operations.

“The Prime Minister reiterated the Government of Canada’s commitment to supporting Nova Scotians in the days and weeks ahead to respond to the flooding,” the release said. “He also acknowledged the strength of Nova Scotians, who are coming together in hard times and showing up for each other.”

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