Portland Businesses Say Problems Return After 90-Day Reset Ends

According to business owners, Portland’s 90-day reset to help clean up the city’s central eastside was only partially successful. They claim nonetheless that the same problems reappeared after the reset.

In response to growing concerns from local business owners, the city worked for three months starting in January to reduce violence and homelessness in the area.

Anne Barwick, president of the Sheridan Fruit Company, said she noticed a difference during the reset, noting that there was obviously less rubbish in the area but that there were still plenty of tents and graffiti. She added, however, that as soon as it finished, the same difficulties appeared right away.

β€œThey were cleaning up a lot of the homeless, a lot of the garbage more often. So that did help. You know, at least you could see something being done. But like I say, when it was over, we knew exactly when it was over before somebody had to say that it was exactly that day,” she said. β€œDuring the reset, things were slightly better, but I can tell you the minute it was off, it seems like we went back to where we were.”

These issues emerged only a few days after the city provided information on the reset, highlighting lighting upgrades, more than 73,000 square feet of graffiti erased, and the removal of 321 camps.

Portland police also made 89 arrests, found 23 stolen vehicles, recovered 19 weapons, removed close to 5,000 pounds of trash, and cleaned up an area that was just under 10,000 square feet.

KOIN News confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

Call for More Permanent Solutions to Crime and Disorder

However, Barwick claims that on Day 91, she and her staff witnessed the tents reappear along with an increase in theft, car break-ins, and even a small fire outside of her store.

β€œIt bothers me a lot because I don’t like anyone feeling unsafe, and I know they do, and honestly with good reason. It happens frequently, and that’s what’s sad because these people are coming to work to put a hard day’s work in, and when they go to go home and their cars are broken into, their belongings are taken,” she said.

Barwick, who is not alone in this sentiment, says she hopes more will be done to make the reforms permanent. Businesses in the region are represented by the Central Eastside Industrial Council, which said they “are continuing to engage with the city to transmit issues identified to us by our members and move to solve these challenges… To guarantee that everyone who lives, works, and plays in the district may prosper, we will continue to advocate for our members and a bustling central eastside.”

β€œI just hope that it makes a difference and that we get more help and assistance on this side of town, in Portland in general. I don’t want to see this side of town fail and not be what it could be and what it should be,” Barwick said.

The office of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler provided KOIN 6 News with a statement about the 90-day reset.

β€œThe City of Portland is working to bring the successful 90-day reset model to other areas across the City of Portland through a more structured and permanent means. We’ll be providing more details soon.”

β€œThe recent Central Eastside 90-Day Reset brought forth a renewed cooperation between the City of Portland and the business community in the district. The Enhanced Service District set priority areas in the district for cleaning, graffiti removal, and increased lighting. The results are clear: a safer and cleaner community where residents and business-owners have a hand in restoring their neighborhood. We saw successful outcomes (attached), though we are clear-eyed that there is still work to be done. The positive results of the 90-day reset are just the latest example of how the City partners residents and business owners to address community needs and make significant progress against the challenges of homelessness, community safety, and livability. The City remains committed to supporting this progress going forward.”

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