Families of 4 Portland Women Seek Answers in Their De@ths


Following the police announcement that they are detaining a person of interest connected to all four deaths in a state jail, the families of four Oregon women whose bodies were discovered in and around Portland may be one step closer to learning the truth about their daughters’ deaths.

Between February and May, the bodies of Kristin Smith, 22, Charity Lynn Perry, 24, Bridget Leann Webster, 31, and Ashley Real, 22, were discovered in a number of open spaces, including a state park. Portland police had just a month prior published a long news release stating that they didn’t think the crimes were related.

In New York, authorities said last week that they had prosecuted Manhattan architect Rex Heuermann in the killings of three women whose remains were discovered on Long Island. The developments in the line of deaths in Oregon come after that announcement. It was thought that the women Heuermann is accused of killing were sex workers. He entered a not-guilty plea.

Families in the dark

Mothers of the Oregon women said in interviews with the media that they have attempted to learn more about the case from the authorities but that it has been challenging because investigators have not disclosed much information.

Those who talked with the media claimed they were not informed of their daughters’ cause of death.

β€œI’m in the dark about a lot,” Perry’s mother, Diana Allen told The Associated Press on Tuesday. β€œBut the detective and I understand why this is required. We don’t need anything messing up this investigation.”

Police Investigating Possible Serial Killer in Portland

According to information given to the AP by a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case, 38-year-old Jesse Lee Calhoun is being investigated as a possible person of interest in the killings of the four women. The official asked to remain anonymous since they are not allowed to publicly speak about the situation. In the cases, Calhoun has not faced any charges.

It was announced on Monday by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office, which is leading the investigation, that investigators had “interviewed multiple people” and there was no current threat to the public.

The Cause of Death is Yet Unknown

Although Allen claims to have been given a precise date and that authorities were unable to determine Perry’s cause of death simply by looking at her, she is aware that Perry passed away in April. According to prosecutors, neither Perry nor the other women’s causes of death nor a way of passing has been established by the state medical examiner.

“It aches so much. Any chance of my daughter’s improvement has been lost because she has such severe mental health problems. Now that it’s gone, a terrible pain has taken its place,” Allen remarked.

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Ex-Convict Released Early by Governor Brown Is Investigated in Portland Serial Killings

Due to burglary and theft-related offenses, Calhoun was serving time in jail when, in 2021, he and 40 other prisoners had their sentences commuted by then-Gov. Kate Brown.

Brown ruled that Calhoun and the other detainees did not pose an intolerable risk to the public’s safety because they had assisted in putting out flames. Calhoun would have likely been released in the summer of 2022, months before the women vanished if his sentence had not been modified.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Brown stated, “I am absolutely horrified for the victims, their families, and all those who have experienced these losses.”

Earlier this month, Calhoun was sent back to jail after Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Todd Jackson requested that the commuting of his sentence be revoked because he had been “involved in criminal activity currently under investigation.”

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