Clashes Break Out Between Protesters Over Asylum Barge

Conflicting protestor groups had to be dispersed by police because of the contentious asylum seeker barge docking in Dorset.

500 male asylum seekers will be housed on the football field-sized Bibby Stockholm vessel, which anchored in Portland Port yesterday morning.

Two separate, but equally vocal, tiny groups came together to protest the barge.

Members of Stand Up to Racism, who oppose utilizing the barge as lodging and refer to it as a “floating prison,” are holding up posters that read “Refugees Welcome.”

On the other hand, No to the Barge opposes migrant housing in the region, claiming that it makes women feel insecure.

I don’t feel safe in my own town, a lady is heard saying in the video before someone else informs her that she is statistically more likely to be sexually assaulted by a person she knows.

Then, a separate woman asserted that nobody in the neighborhood is aware of the migrants’ history while holding a sign that reads, “Wakey Wakey Portland.”

Over the discussion, Stand Up to Racism could be heard yelling, “No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here.”

While a police officer talks to both sides, the woman who had previously expressed feeling unsafe said “f**k off.”

Here below is the tweet that confirms the news:

They are illegal immigrants, not asylum seekers, she then yells.

Defend against racism When a woman responded, “that’s disgusting,” Dorset attached an audio recording of a man saying, “When you get raped, I’ll laugh my a** off.”

‘We don’t know anything about the backgrounds of these men,’ Sammy Gray, 37, told The Guardian. Why aren’t the kids with them, and where are the women? My 16-year-old daughter will need to be picked up from work because I’m afraid.

“I’m not leaving. My kids are almost put back on lockdown as a result of it. I feel frightened. We travel to this beach to see the dolphins. There’s no way I can accomplish it at this time.

Some members of the No to the Barge Facebook group call immigrants seeking refuge “immigrants.”

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Government Pays Β£1.6 Billion to Run Asylum Seeker Barge

The majority are simply coming here because they know they will be treated (better than us) and raping our females since their mentality is “well, we do it in our country,” according to one user.

One of three ships the government intended to utilize to host asylum seekers is the Bibby Stockholm.

The other two, however, were unable to locate a berth and were returned to their owners, according to Sky News.

For another week, a group of approximately 50 asylum seekers will initially board the Bibby Stockholm before progressively growing.

In addition to awarding Dorset Council Β£3,5000 per occupied bed space and a one-time grant of nearly Β£380,000, the Government is paying a private company Β£1.6 billion to run the Bibby Stockholm.

Although the barge isn’t technically a detention facility, migrants will be required to remain on it or in a neighboring “secure compound” because they “cannot move around the port,” according to local authorities.

Asylum seekers will be transported by bus to various spots in the neighborhood.

All of the men on the barge, who range in age from 18 to 65, would, according to Portland Port, “receive cultural awareness advice designed to ensure they understand the social norms in the UK.”

According to Dorset Police, officers are actively interacting with protest organizers to make sure individuals can express their right to demonstrate legally and securely without seriously interfering with daily operations for locals and businesses.

β€˜We have been preparing for the arrival of the Bibby Stockholm and are confident that we have plans in place to respond to any increase of demand.’

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