Portland Man Charged with Assaulting Top Japanese Diplomat

The senior Japanese diplomat in Oregon was attacked by a homeless person last month in downtown Portland. Yoshioka Yuzo, 62, has been serving as the consul general for the Japanese Consular Office in Portland since March.

In court filings, it is claimed that on June 17, while walking along Southwest Park Avenue and Oak Street, Yuzo was “jumped” and “shoved” to the ground. His head hitting the pavement caused a cut that required medical care.

The records identify the alleged attacker as Arissa Jean Minyonne Robinson, 23. Robinson was described as being “transient” and having no fixed abode.

The Oregonian confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

Robinson is accused of felony prejudice offense, fourth-degree assault, and strangling. A Portland police officer who responded to the incident reported that Yuzo told him that his attacker had “pushed him down unprovoked.” The officer “observed a lot of blood running down the back of the victim” as Yuzo was being assisted by medical workers on a trolley.

Robinson has a track record of committing discriminatory offenses against Asian Americans, including being apprehended for hitting an Asian man in the back of the head before choking him.

In a prior attack in August 2021 in Old Town China Town, Robinson attacked a mother and child in a stroller. Robinson reportedly kicked the baby stroller over and then admitted to the police that “I meant to do it.” There will be updates to this story as it develops.

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