Manhunt Continues for Murder Suspect in Pennsylvania

Following his escape from the Warren County Jail earlier this week, murder suspect Michael Burham is still being sought by Pennsylvania State Police.

According to Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens on Saturday, authorities are still looking for the fugitive in the region. They have no reason to think that he has left the area as of yet.

Burham might be hiding in a wooded region near Warren, according to the troopers, because of his survival skills.

Residents shouldn’t be alarmed if they see police looking in their area, according to Bivens, but they should be diligent about locking their doors and cars.

Don’t make it simple for him to obtain supplies, and don’t make it simple for him to leave the region, advised Bivens.

WGRZ confirms the news on its official Twitter account:

Due to his prior actions, investigators think Burham may be carrying a weapon. Law enforcement thinks him to be armed and dangerous, so you shouldn’t approach him.

Call 716-483-8477 if you see Burham or have any knowledge that could aid in the hunt.

For information that results in his capture, Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward and the US Marshals Service is offering a $7,500 reward.

Burham was previously apprehended in South Carolina following a nationwide manhunt. He was sought after in relation to a murder and a rape case. Additionally, he is charged with kidnapping an elderly couple and forcing them to accompany him to South Carolina.

Burham is now being prosecuted in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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