Minneapolis Police Charge Third Person in Fireworks Incident

Prosecutors allege that a third person hurled a firework at parked cars early on Wednesday morning. He is now charged.

21-year-old Maslax Osman Dualeh is accused of third-degree rioting and unruly behavior.

According to the criminal complaint, a Minneapolis police officer observed a man, later identified as Dualeh, hurl a firework out the window of a truck between two occupied automobiles early on Wednesday morning near 4900 Nokomis Parkway West. The vehicle was halted by the sergeant.

The tweet below confirms the news:

According to court filings, Dualeh agreed to throw a firework out the window in a post-Miranda statement, but he claimed he did it because another firework had been thrown at the truck. He claimed he believed the fireworks had gone off on the ground.

The truck driver claimed that Dualeh launched fireworks at others who had previously thrown fireworks at them, and the fireworks seemed to be miniature sticks of dynamite.

Another truck passenger claimed that the group had their own fireworks, including Roman candles, mortars, and inch-long M80-style fireworks, and that someone had thrown one toward the truck. According to court filings, live explosives were discovered and removed from the truck.

Two teenagers, ages 17 and 18, were charged on Thursday after it was claimed by the prosecution that they fired fireworks at Minneapolis Police teams.

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