Ox Server Who Was Stabbed to Death in Portland Was Protecting a Friend

According to those close to the victim, the man killed in the Buckman neighborhood early on Sunday morning (2 July) was a server at the Portland restaurant Ox who died defending a friend.

Colin Smith, 32, was stabbed to death outside The High Dive pub on Southeast 12th Avenue by a man who was targeting an LGBTQ+ individual in Smith’s group of friends, according to Smith’s ex-girlfriend Paulina Solis.

Solis, who was not present at the bar, reported that Smith’s group had a problem with a bar patron who inappropriately handled one of their members. Solis stated that Smith defended an LGBTQ+ acquaintance when the man began to target him. The man then repeatedly stabbed Smith.

Solis said –

β€œHe was a protector.”

β€œHe died being the person that we all knew him to be.”

Sunday at 1:49 a.m., police responded to The High Dive just north of Hawthorne Boulevard, but the suspect in the stabbing had already fled, they said. The police have not disclosed any new information or announced any arrests.

Robert Jones, co-owner of The High Dive, was not at the bar on Sunday morning, but he learned from a bartender that a person departing the bar may have spoken to Smith, who was outside on the patio. Jones stated that Smith was already on the ground by the time the bartender rushed out to investigate the commotion.

Ox Server Stabbed in Portland

Do you know that on Monday, July 3rd, a federal court security guard was reported to have injured a man during an “altercation” at Pioneer Courthouse, according to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB)? The patient was transported to the hospital. The man’s injuries, according to the police, are not life-threatening:

Jones characterized The High Dive as a neighborhood pub frequented by regulars and service industry professionals. Jones stated that the bartender did not recognize the alleged attacker.

Jones said –

β€œWe just are so sickened by the whole thing.”

β€œWe’re just really known for being a friendly neighborhood bar and nothing like this, remotely close to this, has ever happened there.”

Smith was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and just relocated to Portland. Solis stated that he enjoyed cooking and hosting dinner parties for his associates. Danielle Smith, his sister, stated that he had worked at Ox and Baby Doll Pizza for over two years and hoped to establish his own restaurant in the future.

She said –

β€œHe was going to do something great.”

Solis and Colin Smith began dating in 2020 and ended their relationship as close friends. Therapist Solis described him as one of the most empathetic people she has ever encountered. She stated that he loved individuals from all walks of life and was not afraid to tell them how much they meant to him.

Danielle Smith stated that as children, his mother would question him and his sister about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Her brother would inform his mother he desired to be “a rainbow.” That story struck a chord with Solis, who had heard it from her ex-boyfriend’s mother.

Solis said –

β€œEveryone felt like Colin was such a bright light for them.”

β€œIf they knew that they were going to see Colin, it was something to look forward to… He was so loved.”

The owner of Ox, Greg Denton, characterized Smith as a “caretaker” of restaurant patrons and coworkers. Colin Smith would ensure that the kitchen staff had sufficient water and soda, cover a table for a colleague who wanted to leave early, or take over a shift if someone wanted the day off, he said.

Denton said –

β€œHe was a lovely, generous, amazing human that will be missed dearly and deeply, by not just ourselves but our entire Ox family.”

Denton stated that Ox has been closed since Sunday to allow staff time to grieve and recover. He anticipates that the restaurant will reopen this week.

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