Eugene Mother’s Car Tire Stolen While She is Away at a Portland Hospital

A Eugene family is upset because a tire was stolen from their car while they were in Portland caring for their infant son at a hospital. Jamie Inman has six children.

Her youngest child required cranium surgery and has been in a hospital in the Portland area for the past two weeks. Other relatives and neighbors have been keeping an eye on Inman’s house at Barger Drive and Souza Street while she and her family were away.

Inman stated that between the evening of June 30 and the morning of July 1, a single tire was stolen from her vehicle. Once neighbors learned about it, they promptly texted Inman, who was not pleased.

She said –

“We hear about it all the time and we’re not in the best neighborhood, we don’t leave enough stuff out to be stolen — but a tire, it’s just–wow.”

Eugene Mother's Car Tire Stolen
Eugene Mother’s Car Tire Stolen

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In addition to her son’s surgery, this incident does not assist Inman’s financial situation. She stated that her family is already struggling to survive. As a result of the incident, Inman is contemplating increasing the security around her home.

She said –

“Yeah we’re probably going to get some new cameras.”

“We had a camera out there, but it wasn’t plugged in, of course. So definitely get some new surveillance, probably be more diligent about what we leave out.”

Not for the first time, something has occurred to Inman’s tires. She stated that prior to this incident, someone had slashed two of her tires just one week after she purchased them.

Inman reported that neighbors and families are reviewing their own surveillance footage to assist her. She also stated that the community’s outreach to her and her family means a great deal.

Inman said –

“You know, they’ve all kind of came together and they’re like what can we do to help you, what do you need.”

“I’ve had a couple of people willing to help and even replace the tire even though they have don’t know me or had nothing to do with it. So I think in our time of need our community always comes together.”

Inman’s family and neighbors have contacted Eugene Police. She wished she could do more, but as she is still in Portland, her options are limited. Despite this, she reported that her youngest son is recuperating well from his surgery.

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