Tragic Death of a Hiker Near Multnomah Falls

On a trail at Multnomah Falls, a hiker evidently lost his footing and fell up to 150 feet to his death, according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Saturday (1 July) at 1:49 p.m., dispatchers received a report that a male had fallen from a trail at Multnomah Falls. Corbett Fire District and MCSO deputies responded to the site and attempted to locate the man.

It took rescuers approximately one hour to reach him. According to MCSO, the man’s companions were unable to see him after he fell. He fell approximately 150 feet. The hiker was discovered, but he was already deceased when rescue personnel arrived.

Hiker die at Multnomah Falls

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At approximately 3 p.m., authorities located and pronounced the hiker deceased. According to officials, he died from injuries sustained in the accident.

Several news outlets and Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office Twitter account have covered and shared the news on social media, and several users have reacted to it –

Deputy John Plock stated that it took approximately 45 minutes to locate the hiker’s body after receiving the call. He said –

β€œIt appears he lost his footing and fell off the side of the trail.”

On Saturday, the trail was crowded with visitors. Plock reminded everyone that this is a trekking trail, not a paved path. He advised individuals to come prepared for a hike, not a stroll. The hiker’s identity has not yet been disclosed.

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