Portland Timbers’ Evander Suspended for Slapping NYCFC Player

On Saturday, the Portland Timbers will be without their playmaking midfielder against Minnesota United. MLS announced on Thursday (29 June) that Evander was suspended for one match and fined an undisclosed amount for slapping NYCFC forward Matas Pellegrini in the face near the conclusion of last weekend’s match at Providence Park.

Evander received a yellow card during stoppage time with the score tied 1-1 after he ran up to Pellegrini during a loose ball and slapped him across the face with his left hand. When the slap occurred, Evander was racing to set up a free kick for the Timbers.

Portland Timbers' Evander Suspended for Slapping NYCFC Player

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After reviewing the play, the league’s disciplinary committee determined that Evander should have received a red card for violent conduct. The committee determines whether a suspension of one or more matches is merited based on whether the play was egregious or a repeat offense. In this instance, Evander was suspended for one match and fined.

People are reacting to the news of Evander’s suspension from the Portland Timbers on social media –

On Saturday (1 July) at 5:30 p.m. PT, Portland takes on Minnesota United, and if you have an MLS Season Pass, you can watch the game live on the Apple TV app.

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