Jeff Auxier Resigns, Returns to Multnomah County DA’s Office

Jeff Auxier, the elected district attorney for Columbia County, has resigned to become a senior deputy district attorney with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

From 2008 to 2017, Auxier served as an assistant district attorney in Multnomah County before being elected as DA in his home county. Auxier began his legal career in Marion County as a prosecutor.

Columbia County District Attorney Jeff Auxier Resigns
Columbia County District Attorney Jeff Auxier Resigns

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Now, he will return to his own shop to work for an ally, District Attorney Mike Schmidt, relocating his base of operations from a county where he is the boss but where there are only 53,156 people (according to the most recent figures from Portland State University) to a county with 810,242 people and, therefore, a great deal more crime.

Auxier says –

β€œIβ€˜ve lived in Columbia County for 10 years, and have served as its elected district attorney for almost exactly six years. I really love this place and the people I have worked with.”

β€œI have a connection to Multnomah County too. I have felt compelled to return and work alongside my former colleagues who are fighting for public safety in the city.”

The news of Jeff Auxier’s resignation has also been shared and responded to on Twitter –

This month, state legislators voted to increase pension benefits for line prosecutors but not district attorneys who are elected. Auxier claims that change had no bearing on his decision.

He states –

β€œIt was not a factor, but I am grateful for the benefit.”

Governor Tina Kotek announced today that her office will accept applications until July 24 for the position of Auxier. His tenure as district attorney concludes on July 7.

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